My Root Canal Experience

I got a really painful tooth. So, I decided to brace myself and went to my favourite dental clinic. My fear got the better of me however the doctor comforted and told me that root canal treatment was very essential to ensure that the infection was eliminated to get relief from pain and preventing its spread to the healthy teeth. After lots of deliberation and cajoling agreed to the treatment however asked doctor to explain the nuts and bolts

I came to know that the root canal treatment involves multiple sessions because they are necessary to eliminate the infection followed by the crowning of the teeth to prevent the entry of bacteria. To start with, the doctor applied anesthesia to make the area numb so that I would not feel the pain. My tooth was not dead but alive, so that process was essential for my own well being. He injected the serum right into the gums above the molar teeth and I felt relaxed in spite of being scared initially. The gum seemed to swell to a great extent but I was thankful to my doctor that at last would get relief from the incessant pain.

Later on the, dentist took out the dental drill to locate the nerve tissues in the infected area. Although the task was difficult, the doctor told me to relax and not stress myself. He allowed me to take my own sweet time before the hole was created inside the pulp chamber of the tooth. Since the molar tooth was located in the posterior position, the hole was created through the chewing surface of the teeth. Due to anesthesia, I didn’t feel the pain however the doctor was quite skilled because he conducted the whole process in a seamless manner. We all fear the drilling but I didn’t feel anything or freaked out while lying in the chair.

After the main procedure, he cleaned up the interior of the tooth by removing bacteria, nerve tissues and other types of harmful materials causing infection. One of the most important in instruments the doctor used was the Root canal file in the infected area. It moved in a twisted way so that the scrubs of the sides of the root canal are removed. The device has rough edges to ensure that hidden food particles are eliminated from the mouth.

Once the root canal was cleaned, the dentist filled the cavity with the rubber material called GUTTA PERCHA. It was designed in the form of a cone that the doctor inserted in the root canal and sealed the area. After four sessions of therapy, My pain has completely disappeared and I can consume food as per my requirements and specifications.