Benefits of getting a spray tan

Spray TanningFashion has no limits and some people are very conscious when it comes to their looks, be it their hair or skin tone. Most of us would agree to the fact that these days’ people prefer a dark complexion over the fair one. If you can carry a dark complexion nicely then, you’re considered to be hot!

I have a fair complexion and also wanted to try out getting a little tanned. Most of my friends went through numerous things like visiting the beach and applying a lotion of cream and then sitting there for hours together, but nothing stayed beyond a few days. Then somebody suggested me to try the spray tan which people suggested stayed for a longer time. This method of getting a tan was less time-consuming and smelled nice too.

I visited a few salons in Victoria and researched quite a bit on Melbourne Spray Tanning . The most interesting feature that many of us would not be aware is that there are two processes, the first one being the tanning booth in which a fine mist of tan is sprayed all over the body. Once this has been done the excess tan is washed off. The second one being the air brush tan technique which is considered to be more useful when going in for the whole body tan. Both these methods are painless and also the most modern methods of getting a tan. What you need to keep in mind is that before you go in for spray tan, you need to ensure that the whole body is waxed, and you need to wear loose clothes while applying this tan.

What made me really get hooked on to spray tanning was that the process was quite healthy for the skin too as the chemicals did not in anyways affect my body as they were simply sprayed on the first layer of the skin. The solutions used for spray tanning have moisturizers in them which soften the skin thus making the skin very smooth. I could choose the color wanted on my skin and was even surprised to know that the spray tan had anti-aging properties which most of us were not aware of. I had blemishes and freckles on my face that were reduced to a very large extent by applying a spray tan. I was relieved that I could apply it anytime without worrying about any negative side effects to my skin!

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