Discovering the Benefits of a 3,000-Year Old Cupping Therapy

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With the rising cost of healthcare and the ever-increasing concern for many unnecessary side effects of drugs and other pharmaceutical substances, it is not surprising to learn that more and more people are looking for safer yet equally effective alternatives to expensive medicines and medical treatments. And while many of these so-called alternative healthcare are labelled as pseudoscience by Western medical experts, it is very hard to discount the fact that many of these have been used by so many civilizations since the ancient times. One of these alternative healthcare methodologies is cupping therapy.

While you may think that the cupping therapy clinic in Ballarat is a very trendy way to reduce pain, promote relaxation, boost the health of the skin, treat colds and other respiratory problems, and improve digestion, it is not anything new. In fact cupping therapy has been extensively used in ancient Egyptian, Persian, and Chinese civilizations. One of the earliest known descriptions of how this ancient therapy is performed was written in the Ebers Papyrus putting the practice to well over 1,550 BC.

Don’t get me wrong but I wasn’t at all thrilled with the idea of putting cups on my skin and then watch it bulge like some puffer fish, all red and pockmarked. If you’re like me who’s afraid of even the slightest tint of blood coming out of your skin, then this is not for you.

But then again, the whole idea is to draw out toxins that are present in the blood. Cupping works by creating a vacuum inside the cup that forms a seal with our skin. There are variety of methods to achieve suction. The first method is by heating the inside of the cup before applying it over the skin. As the cup cools, it creates suction and pulls on the skin underneath the cup. The second one is by using commercially available rubber pumps. Air is drawn out from the cup to create a vacuum which pulls the skin outward. The third method is known as the wet cupping technique. Here, gentle suction is applied over the skin using either of the first 2 methods for about 3 minutes. The cup is then removed and a small incision is made on the engorged skin. This releases the blood; hence, the term wet cupping. This is repeated on another part of the body.

I tried reading on the various scholarly articles that will support cupping therapy as an effective alternative to expensive medications. Believe you me the dearth of scientific information is not surprising, to say the least. Nevertheless, I found out in a 2015 article of the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine that cupping is beneficial in the management of the following: pain, acne, and herpes zoster.

Then I encountered a PLoS One article about Australian and Chinese researchers reviewing 135 studies in 2012 showing that cupping therapy is effective in the management of the above-mentioned conditions as well as facial paralysis and cervical spondylosis especially when combined with acupuncture or the standard treatment regimen. While the same researchers noted that the results of these studies may be biased, they nonetheless provide some form of assurance that cupping therapy can indeed be beneficial.

On a more personal note, I received cupping therapy more as an adjunct to the treatment of my low back pain. I was on a daily dose of very powerful nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and it was taking its toll on me. My doctor actually suggested the cupping therapy.

The whole cupping experience gave me a whole new perspective on alternative medicine. At the back of my mind, who needs scientific proof when personally I know it works? Cupping relieves pain by improving the oxygenation of the tissues that are painful. You can think of it as creating a road for oxygen to pass through. When we are in pain, these tissues are not receiving enough oxygen because of inflammation. Cupping relieves this inflammation allowing nutrients and oxygen to flow. It’s no wonder that even US Olympians Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin as well as NFL star DeMarcus Ware are known to use cupping therapy to help mitigate their muscle problems. Then I thought, if these top athletes are gaining a lot of benefits from the therapy, what more for ordinary persons like me?

In addition to relieving pain, cupping therapy is also known for promoting relaxation as well as help manage herpes zoster, acne, cellulite, and inflammatory skin conditions. All of these benefits were attributed to the reduction of inflammation and the overall enhancement of blood flow. This is also helpful in clearing pulmonary secretions which are a-plenty in flu or cold. It has also been used in the management of acute gastritis, stomach aches, water retention, and even diarrhea.

Now, I am no scientist nor a medical expert. All I can say is that cupping therapy did work for me, at least for the management of my low back pain. At the very least, I don’t have to worry about serious side effects as well as expensive medications.

4 Home Design Tips for Healthy Living

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The home is the only place where individuals and families can truly be themselves, free from the prying eyes of the public. And while a Melbourne real estate agent can look for you the most ideal and most stylish piece of property you can ever find in the city or anywhere else in Australia, you do have to make sure that the home that you are going to get is of a healthy home design concept.

A healthy home should be able to nurture the people who live inside it as well as protect the outside world from some of the chemicals or other agents that may emanate from the interior of the home. A healthy home should strike a balance between modern comfortable living and sensitivity to environmental needs. However, you simply do not have to go back to an earth-sheltered dwelling in order for you to live in harmony with Mother Nature to be called a healthy home. Even with today’s homes you can initiate certain steps to put a healthy design concept to an existing infrastructure. For tips you can logon to your favorite real estate agent or check out their FB page. Or you can continue reading for some tips on how to make your home healthier.

Strive to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Despite recent advances in technology especially in the manufacture of durable paints and fabrics as well as wood and other construction materials, these products still fill the air with harmful oftentimes toxic fumes. For example, many paints still use volatile organic compounds which are a mixture of potentially hazardous chemicals such as acetone, formaldehyde, and benzene. These chemicals can produce skin irritation to airway problems in susceptible individuals. Using non-VOC containing paints is therefore an excellent way to design a healthier home.

Furniture should also be taken into consideration. Majority of wooden cabinets and furniture are composed of medium density fiberboard which, unfortunately, uses urea formaldehyde in its resin matrix. It is therefore very important to choose furniture that are constructed of resin which is free from formaldehyde in order to prevent the development of leukemia and nasal cancer attributed to formaldehyde vapors.

That said, you may also have to make sure that the ventilation in your home is sufficient to allow the more efficient movement of both interior and exterior air. This is important in maintaining good indoor air quality.

Check Eco-Friendlier Alternatives to Your Flooring

For the floor, it is important to use environmentally-friendly solutions as your flooring materials. If you can get hold of reusable wood or wood that were originally used in another home, then by all means use these are your flooring material. Just make sure that you are not going to apply on any other finishing product that contains harmful chemical. Some experts would suggest using reclaimed wood from fallen trees or old beams. Some would also suggest using bamboo tiles to give your home a more natural look. For sound-absorbing flooring or even wall material, cork can be a great alternative as it is hypoallergenic, excellent insulator, and is soft and durable. These can add an entirely new dimension to your healthy flooring or wall needs in your home.

Create a Green Bedroom

The bedroom is where you spend at least a third of your day sleeping or resting. It is your private personal area of your home. As such it is advisable that you keep it as healthy as possible. This means using mattresses that do not have chemicals such as fire-retardants and petroleum as finishing materials. While these chemicals do provide added benefit, prolonged contact with the skin and the vapors released through the air can reach the respiratory passages and the lungs. This can lead to a host of health problems such as bronchitis and pneumonia. The choice of materials for the bedding can also play a major role in ensuring health in the bedroom. This is especially true if you have asthma or simple allergies such that choosing hypoallergenic materials should be your priority.

Add a Touch of Eco-Friendliness to Your Windows

The most important function of the window of any home is the transfer of heat between the inside of the home and the outside environment. Additionally, windows provide for excellent lighting which can have an important role not only in providing energy efficiency but also in creating a more favorable mood in the home. This can easily translate to better emotional and mental health. Using eco-wise drapes and curtains can help regulate both sunlight and ambient temperature without necessarily harming both the environment and the occupants of the home.

Designing your home to be healthy requires understanding of how certain chemicals used in the manufacture of home essentials can affect health. Choosing those that are safer and eco-friendlier should help you design a healthier home. Making your home a haven of good health and wellness is the best thing that you can give to your family. With resourcefulness, creativity and good research, keeping up a healthy space need not be expensive. 

The Amazing Benefits of Health Supplements

Poor and unhealthy lifestyle has totally exposed a lot of people to various health risks today. A large number of people worldwide are now obese. This has been significantly caused by poor dieting and engaging in a sedentary lifestyle. The introduction of health supplements has helped lessen the problem. Some supplements are added to a certain diet as a way to provide the missing nutritional requirements. These dietary supplements have proven themselves for contributing many health benefits from people all over the world.

Understanding Health Supplements

The first thing you need to do before starting the consumption of these nutritional supplements is to understand them more thoroughly. These supplements can be in a variety of forms including liquids, soft gels, capsules, gel caps, tablets, bars and powders. They are used for various purposes such as for weight loss, muscle development, increasing energy, lowering cholesterol, boosting immune system or for many other health reasons. These products are available at Essential Health Foods shops, drug stores, online, etc.

Most people often use these products without making careful considerations first. You can find plenty of them on the market, and every one of them is claiming to give the best results. This has actually lead to even more health problems. Before buying the supplements, you should do some research to gather more information about the products that you wish to take. The positives and negatives of the product must also be considered. This can help you decide whether they are worth it or not.

Consult a Medical Professional

The next thing you need to do is to consult with a doctor. There are many doctors and nutritionists these days with profound expertise in nutritional supplements. Their knowledge will help you in making decisions about what to buy for yourself. Moreover, the health provider can evaluate the effects of certain supplements based on the medical history of a person. Your doctor will check your health and its history to determine whether or not you can benefit from using the supplements in long term or in short term. This will also help in identifying certain unknown illnesses through the checkup.

Choose Carefully

As a final point, it is important that you purchase your health supplements from legitimate brands and companies. This is something that is overlooked by a lot of customers. People usually lean toward the cost and eventually end up compromising the quality of the dietary supplement. Picking a reliable and effective brand will ensure quality and optimum benefits. Checking the product labels and reading the components can be a really big help.

A large number of people are opting for health supplements as an alternative to common medicine. Today, people want to understand the benefits of the health supplements for their overall health and well-being. Although they are apprehensive of these dietary products, people value the brands that have credibility and opt for products that are formulated under the supervision of a physician.

The market of health supplements is too huge that choosing the best one can be a daunting task. However, making a choice can after all be easy when you apply the following tips:

  • Ask friends and relatives who are used to taking food supplements and determine the positive side effects.
  • Explore the online world and read reviews and testimonies from users.
  • Do your own research learn about the pros and cons of each product.
  • Read labels of health supplements and check that these products have passed the Food and Drugs Authorities.
  • Take advice from a dietician.
  • Consult with your family doctor.

More importantly, do not be carried away easily by false advertisements. As well know, TV and radio commercials can be very enticing however, there are no specific evidences proving the safety of their products.

Remember, health supplements are not a replacement for food, but should complement your diet in case you are not getting the right nutritional requirements on your diet. They function as an add-on to the normal meals we take each day so that those missing nutrients are supplemented. Hence, they should not be taken as medicines to treat various diseases. Always consult with a doctor to be safe. Finally, healthy lifestyle is always dependent on proper eating habits, enough amount of sleep and ample exercise.

My Root Canal Experience

I got a really painful tooth. So, I decided to brace myself and went to my favourite dental clinic. My fear got the better of me however the doctor comforted and told me that root canal treatment was very essential to ensure that the infection was eliminated to get relief from pain and preventing its spread to the healthy teeth. After lots of deliberation and cajoling agreed to the treatment however asked doctor to explain the nuts and bolts

I came to know that the root canal treatment involves multiple sessions because they are necessary to eliminate the infection followed by the crowning of the teeth to prevent the entry of bacteria. To start with, the doctor applied anesthesia to make the area numb so that I would not feel the pain. My tooth was not dead but alive, so that process was essential for my own well being. He injected the serum right into the gums above the molar teeth and I felt relaxed in spite of being scared initially. The gum seemed to swell to a great extent but I was thankful to my doctor that at last would get relief from the incessant pain.

Later on the, dentist took out the dental drill to locate the nerve tissues in the infected area. Although the task was difficult, the doctor told me to relax and not stress myself. He allowed me to take my own sweet time before the hole was created inside the pulp chamber of the tooth. Since the molar tooth was located in the posterior position, the hole was created through the chewing surface of the teeth. Due to anesthesia, I didn’t feel the pain however the doctor was quite skilled because he conducted the whole process in a seamless manner. We all fear the drilling but I didn’t feel anything or freaked out while lying in the chair.

After the main procedure, he cleaned up the interior of the tooth by removing bacteria, nerve tissues and other types of harmful materials causing infection. One of the most important in instruments the doctor used was the Root canal file in the infected area. It moved in a twisted way so that the scrubs of the sides of the root canal are removed. The device has rough edges to ensure that hidden food particles are eliminated from the mouth.

Once the root canal was cleaned, the dentist filled the cavity with the rubber material called GUTTA PERCHA. It was designed in the form of a cone that the doctor inserted in the root canal and sealed the area. After four sessions of therapy, My pain has completely disappeared and I can consume food as per my requirements and specifications.

Benefits of getting a spray tan

Spray TanningFashion has no limits and some people are very conscious when it comes to their looks, be it their hair or skin tone. Most of us would agree to the fact that these days’ people prefer a dark complexion over the fair one. If you can carry a dark complexion nicely then, you’re considered to be hot!

I have a fair complexion and also wanted to try out getting a little tanned. Most of my friends went through numerous things like visiting the beach and applying a lotion of cream and then sitting there for hours together, but nothing stayed beyond a few days. Then somebody suggested me to try the spray tan which people suggested stayed for a longer time. This method of getting a tan was less time-consuming and smelled nice too.

I visited a few salons in Victoria and researched quite a bit on Melbourne Spray Tanning . The most interesting feature that many of us would not be aware is that there are two processes, the first one being the tanning booth in which a fine mist of tan is sprayed all over the body. Once this has been done the excess tan is washed off. The second one being the air brush tan technique which is considered to be more useful when going in for the whole body tan. Both these methods are painless and also the most modern methods of getting a tan. What you need to keep in mind is that before you go in for spray tan, you need to ensure that the whole body is waxed, and you need to wear loose clothes while applying this tan.

What made me really get hooked on to spray tanning was that the process was quite healthy for the skin too as the chemicals did not in anyways affect my body as they were simply sprayed on the first layer of the skin. The solutions used for spray tanning have moisturizers in them which soften the skin thus making the skin very smooth. I could choose the color wanted on my skin and was even surprised to know that the spray tan had anti-aging properties which most of us were not aware of. I had blemishes and freckles on my face that were reduced to a very large extent by applying a spray tan. I was relieved that I could apply it anytime without worrying about any negative side effects to my skin!

Check out my previous post about having great looking hair, nails, and skin!

Great Looking Skin, Nails and Hair is All About General Health Care

skin protectionWould you like amazing appearing skin? If you should be healthy, with great nails, healthy hair that is fine looking, and great general well-being. Because skin well-being is related to general well-being, just as nail well-being and hair well-being is.

What’re nails, skin and hair but organs of our body? Our skin is an organ the same, although the biggest organ of our body.

What is the difference between our skin, nails and hair and all those other organs of our body? Our skin, nails and hair are only the observable organs, those which are on the external, the remainder of our organs are organs that are undetectable, on the interior.

And it is the same for hair, nails and skin as it’s for our other organs. If we are usually unhealthy many of our organs show this, it is simply you do not see any indications that are observable from our internal organs if they aren’t well. You simply learn when you get ill.

But in case you are not usually healthy you do see visible signals of this from our skin, our external organs, hair and nails. Then we are not going to be quite healthy, in or outside, if our body is lacking in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, essential fats and amino acids, and much more.

And what reveals this away? Our skin, hair and nails. Our hair will look lax and dead, our nails could break readily and will appear dull, as well as our skin is going to not appear live too.

But our skin is going to glow and look younger if we get general body well-being. We are going to lose many of marks and those blemishes that appear to come and go. Our hair will shine and appear fantastic, as well as our nails will also.

There are a lot of individuals looking for “hope in a bottle”. Only purchase this bottle of anti aging cream and we’ll have amazing looking skin that is youthful. We are going to appear youthful, healthy and lose those unsightly wrinkles. We are going to look fantastic.

Shea Butter For Dry Skin

skin care ideasItchy, dry skin is irritating. It’s annoying. In addition, it can make you nervous while at the exact same time make your skin red and scaly appearing. However, what are you able to do to treat and prevent this common and really aggravating state from occurring and reoccurring?

To begin with, you might need to determine the reason your skin is really dry and itchy. Is it due to the elements? It’s since there’s too little humidity in your surroundings. Could you’ve got a skin condition that must be medicated by a physician? This could comprise an allergic reaction to many matters or one.

There are a number of allergens and other materials your skin comes into contact with on a daily basis that could cause your skin to become eventually dry. A number of the very frequent of these are: your water as well as unpleasant detergents (yes, most houses have what’s believed to be hard water.) The name can tough or unpleasant to your skin, along with to your hair as it uses. This kind of water includes many impurities which can cause your skin to become eventually dry.

You might have to visit a doctor, particularly when you think that might have an allergic reaction a significant skin condition, (if there is a rash additionally present this could possibly be an indicator) or in case your skin is getting worse. Your doctor may prescribe one of the several drugs to help treat the itchiness, skin condition as well as an allergy.

You can need to think about including a humidifier to your surroundings if it’s potential if you believe it’s due to your environmental conditions. But in case you continue to be treatable by you and believe your dry skin isn’t that serious, as of yet, there are lots of at home remedies you can attempt.

1. Moisturize your skin Look for products which are made for dry, sensitive skin. Use moisturizing products throughout the year. Recall they might help prevent wrinkles. An excellent alternative is Shea Butter that’s loaded with phytonutrients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to intensely moisturize the skin. Simply put some in your hands and let it warm. Subsequently it can not propagate slower. This can be applied by you at night and wake up with softer, more.

The Health Benefits Of Goji Berries

fruitsGoji berries are the latest super food juice to reach the marketplace. It’s the juice of choice for many Hollywood celebs. They maintain it helps theirs Complexion and foster their immune system. What’s this small berry all about? Is it worth all this hoopla as well as the price per bottle that’s billed?

Goji berries are grown in China. Himalayan berries are somewhat more plump and sweeter than just the berries that are Chinese and are favored.

The small berry is packaged with amino acids, trace minerals, B vitamins, beta carotene, vitamins C and E, essential fatty acids, also as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. That’s a lot to place into an exotic tasting berry.

Of what it’s thought to help the list is as substantial as its nutrients. Goji berries are believed to help detox the blood and immune system. It reinforces Palpitations are eliminated by the heart and. Anti-aging and helping remove forgetfulness is among the various advantages along with an aid in weight loss And morning sickness. It’s also asserted to have anticancer properties.

The Goji berry is over all a small berry full of nutrients our body uses and demands on a regular basis. There’s no recommendation on how substantially of the juice to take on a daily basis. It’s believed to really have a sweet and sour taste that appeals to many people. From everything, out there you either adore the flavor or despise it.

Seven Simple Skin Care Tips For Beautiful Skin

diet foods for skinHave you ever read one skincare suggestion after another and felt uncertain about which one you need to follow? In the event, you surf the web, or open up magazines you’ll find lots of skincare ideas and oftentimes it is just hit or miss.

Avoid consulting magazines when you would like to get skin care suggestions. Mainstream magazines are partial to large brand products which pay to get their name. It is difficult to understand what’s truly powerful if you don’t attempt it yourself but here are a few surefire tips that’ll have your skin looking youthful, clear, and lovely right away.

Many skins care advice out their advocate over-cleansing your skin. The reality is the fact that you only have to cleanse your skin in the evening before going to bed. Splashing on your face with warm water in the morning is not insufficient. Over-cleansing may cause aggravation and dryness. This really is most likely a skincare hint you have all ready heard, but moisturize your skin often. Use a night cream as well as a day cream for the most effective results. Search for powerful and natural moisturizing ingredients like avocado infusion, jojoba oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, and shea butter.

Of the numerous skin care advice which are overlooked, one is the significance of utilizing a hydrating mask for a hydrating boost that is regular. Just using creme day to day isn’t enough to be able to provide your face and neck the deep moisturizing treatment they require. Another skin care trick that includes the mask is using a deep cleansing treatment. Find a deep cleansing mask which has kaolin clay and bentonite gel to eliminate the buildup of grime and filth from your pores. Do not apply only any lotion to your eyes. Find a light eye gel particularly to be used across the eyes. Watch out for ingredients like Haloxyl and Eyeliss, which are scientifically shown to reduce under-eye circles, wrinkles, and totes.

Avoid using lotions that have an SPF variable. The fact remains that SPF variables can cause skin problems and have been associated with cancer although the majority of the skin care advice you’ve learned all your life absolutely preach the significance of SPF variables in skin lotions. To refrain from sunlight exposure, make use of sun umbrella and a broad brim hat. Try to find a lotion which has extrapolate nutgrass if you would like to whiten your complexion. Contrary to other whitening ingredients, extrapolate nutgrass will not cause annoyance. It’s possible for you to appreciate its whitening effects without experiencing any side effects that are dangerous.

Follow the skin care suggestions and do yourself a favor recorded here so as to attain youthful, lovely skin. Your best option would be to follow these suggestions religiously and you may look in the mirror and see the skin you have always dreamed of having in almost no time, ensured, in the event you do accordingly.

Best Natural Skin Care Tips – Guaranteed!

beauty carePerfect skin is the top most priority, for each attractiveness aware girl, a luminous, radiating. This craze understands no end as well as a girl is prepared to do anything it takes for getting perfect skin and complexion that is attractive. From routine visits of the beauty parlor to spending thousands on skincare products, they seem to attempt all means for attaining this aim.

But the majority of them fail to understand the very best of all alternatives to most skin problems lies within the borders of their home. Not only possess the natural skincare suggestions demonstrated their effectiveness since years and years, but are also efficient.

Natural skincare Suggestions

Balanced Diet

Nothing is like the health for that one needs to really have a healthy daily diet and that radiates inside out. Food things like fish, olive oil and flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that’s essential for a healthy skin. Likewise, use of foods full of vitamin A and calcium like milk and yogurt are also among finest natural skincare suggestions. Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables, e.g. broccoli, oranges and tomatoes act as perfect cleansers for your skin and needs to function as part of daily diet. Avoid trash and fried foods which will make unhealthy and your skin greasy.

Daily Exercise

Daily exercise helps keep pressure at bay that’s among the significant reasons for acne. Increased action amount enhances oxygen absorption in improved supply of oxygen to skin cells and the body makes it healthy and glowing. So, exercise ought to be integrated with your everyday routine for beautiful skin.

Drink a lot of Water

Among all natural skincare suggestions, drinking a lot of water could very well be the best. It will help by detoxifying the body and enhancing the digestive system. Skin problems appearing due to stomach ailments e.g. boils can be readily treated by improving water consumption. A hydrated skin is devoid of fine lines and wrinkles and looks more fit. 2 to 3 liters of water daily would help to keep the skin smoothly and healthy.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisten

A cleaner skin is more healthy skin. Especially for skin that is greasy, two times a day, it’s vital that you cleanse, tone and moisten. Make use of an excellent face wash to wash your face two times or three times a day. Nevertheless, avoid washing it too frequently or you wind up with a rough skin and would lose the glow. For those who have dry skin, utilize a great moisturizer after that for toning your skin and don’t wash it more than two times a day. Likewise, moistening is essential and rather, an herbal moisturizer with nominal substances should be properly used. For those above 40, nighttime eye-lotion also needs to be utilized as it’d prevent wrinkles round the eyes.